The authors ensure that they have written entirely original works. In case, the authors use other source of materials, the sources should be appropriately cited in the text; inaccurately cited the sources of the materials are subjects of plagiarism. The plagiarism takes many forms, from ‘passing off’ another’s paper as the author’s own paper, to copying or paraphrasing substantial parts of another’s paper (without attribution), to claiming results from research conducted by others. Plagiarism in all its forms constitutes unethical publishing behavior and is unacceptable. Once submitted the work to this journal, the authors should not submit the same work or describe essentially the same research in another journal; submitting simultaneously the same manuscript to another journal is unethical publishing behavior, unless otherwise specified such as recorded as abstract in seminar proceeding, etc. When an author discovers a significant/fundamental error or inaccuracy in his/her own published work, it is the author’s obligation to notify the journal editor or publisher and cooperate with the editor to retract or re-correct the paper.

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